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Emerging growth companies typically have financial and operational needs that exceed the founding management team capabilities and/or bandwidth. Substantial value and leverage can be achieved through senior financial and accounting leadership, though this leadership is generally not part of the founding team due to resource constraints, and the lack of depth and breadth for a full time position. BlackFord Partners provides the premier solution to the organization as its First CFO™. Utilizing and leveraging BlackFord qualifications, experience, and network, allows the CEO to dedicate undivided attention to developing the technology, building business channels and recruiting key team talent.

BlackFord works directly with the CEO and senior management team as the lead financial officer to develop and manage the enterprise financial and administrative infrastructure, including cash and risk management, human resource development, investor relations, etc. BlackFord engagements are generally recurring one to two days a week, though can expand to support the organization through financing efforts, strategic planning, business transactions, etc. At the appropriate time, BlackFord can lead or participate with the identification and transition to a full time CFO.

BlackFord’s principals have successfully managed the early stage growth of many of San Diego leading technology companies in the Telecom / Communications, Biotech / Life Sciences and Software markets. With over 40 years of combined experience, and having closed approximately $500 million in financing and M&A transactions, BlackFord principals have the expertise and relationships to provide value to the organization on its rapid growth path and engage with management to create value.

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